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21, Бик
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Сексуална СклоностХетеро
Висина>5' - 5'3" [150cm - 160cm]
Тежина90 - 100 lbs [40 - 45 kg]
Срамни ВлакнаИзбричена
Обем на градиМали
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Красивые парни и девушки, подарки и щедрость.
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Student. Pole dance. sport
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I absolutely can't sit still, and this is what my lifestyle is all about!

I've tried almost everything - from ballet to horseback riding, but graphic design, cooking, and dancing in front of the mirror have become my main hobbies.

Want to have fun in the company of a beautiful brunette? Then I'm your girl ;)

I'll tell you right now how come there's always peace and harmony in my bedroom!

I love to dominate and even humiliate a bit ;).

Wanna see that? Then start watching me!

I appreciate all tips

★ My best tipper - aiio ★

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I dream to visit New York someday

New York

I love the variety of adventures near and far- it is my motto after all.  I have never been to Manhattan or Brooklyn, the architecture of New York combines the old and new in unique beautiful ways. And I want to see it by myself!

U.S. Tourism: New York is another city on the tour. Having users be able to see the size of these cities should create powerful, resonating feelings. New York City, USA 🇺🇸 Photo by @ph88rh ←  Selected by @ro_mguedes  #loves_nyc_ph88rh Tag your NYC photos with #Loves_NYC Partnership with…

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Девочка супер
добрых снов хорошая!;)
Да просто-№1:)
Общительная, приветливая и вежливая))) Изящная и с чувством стиля))) И вообще, хорошая девушка)))
I like to fantasize about dirty stuff

You'll see that I'm always in for something new, in my fantasies I'd like to try wrestling in a pool filled with lube, draw a picture with my naked body, take part in a masquerade orgy... etc

You should ask me if you want to know something more!



Love to dance!

 Dancing releases me from my head and gets me into my body. My experience of the world becomes one where I am no longer separate from anything or anyone around me. It's just a form of oneness.

I like the exercise. I like the social experience. I like the creativity and expression. 

Gyms Victor Ny  #GymPhotoshoot maruska1998 Love to dance! custom pic 1